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The 6.5 Million Dollar Peace Diamond

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/16/18 10:25 AM

On December 4 of 2017, Laurence Graff purchased the Peace Diamond from Sierra Leone’s government for a respectable $6.5 million. While this might just sound like any other purchase, it actually has a much deeper meaning. In this article we will be briefly looking at why this purchase is so important.

peace diamond 

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The Blue Diamond Ring That Shook Christie’s December Auction

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/11/18 8:26 AM

If you like Blue Diamonds, then you were in for a treat at Christie’s December 6th Magnificent Jewels sale held at Rockefeller Center in New York.

All in all, the auction went quite well, achieving slightly over $62.5 million and featured some unexpected entries to be featured in the top 10. Let’s briefly look at the top lots…

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The 7 Highest Auction Prices Paid For Colored Diamonds In The Last 7 Years

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/9/18 8:19 AM

Nothing shows the true value of an asset more than its demand and investors’ willingness to pay astronomical amounts to acquire it. In the last decade alone, we’ve seen records being shattered one after the other in the diamond industry, with stones so beautiful one could argue they belong among the stars above.

To pay tribute to these magnificent gems, we’ve compiled a list with the 7 highest auction sales of the past 7 years.

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The Fruition of a Promise: Rare Pink Diamond “The Pink Promise” Sold For Nearly $32 Million

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/3/18 9:40 AM

On November 28, 2017 Christie's managed to leave us speechless once again.  The Magnificent Jewels auction held in Hong Kong presented some really marvelous pieces, but there was one lot that really stood out from the rest; The Pink Promise.

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Colored Diamond News From December 2017

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/28/17 1:35 PM

Arpège Diamonds strives to provide leading insight and stay on top of the latest and best naturally colored diamond news. This month, we share highlights from auctions across the world, price trends from 2017, and history of beautiful diamonds like the Tiffany Yellow!

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The 7 Most Remarkable Diamonds of 2017

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/26/17 9:58 AM

As 2017 is nearing its end we thought we would take a step back and admire it in all its glory. This year held some truly remarkable stones, and more importantly, many record breakers that left us in utter aw.

In this article we will be paying tribute and sharing 7 of the most remarkable diamonds of 2017. Without further a due, and in no particular order, let’s begin.

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Arpege Diamonds Presents - Famous Diamond Series: Lesedi La Rona

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/21/17 8:55 AM

The world’s second largest gem ever discovered goes by the name “Lesedi La Rona.” It means “Our Light” in Setswana, which is the official language of Botswana, located in Southern Africa.

Botswana has not only become one of the world’s leading producers of diamonds, but has also become a global diamond trader. Diamonds make up 60% of exports in Botswana. 

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How Naturally Colored Diamonds Are Valued

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/19/17 8:36 AM

As is true of white diamonds, naturally colored diamonds are valued by taking into consideration the 4 C’s.

Unlike colorless diamonds, the most heavily weighted consideration of colored diamonds is, quite predictably, their color. Every move along the color scale effects the diamonds price. The color of a diamond is graded based on three main characteristics: hue, tone, and saturation.

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Two Of The World's Most Famous Colorless Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/14/17 9:56 AM

It's no secret that we here at Arpège Diamonds adore fancy colored stones, but colorless diamonds have always held a special place in our hearts as well. With the Lesedi La Rona (link when posted) yielding massive price tags in auction recently we felt the urge to bring you two more famous (and frankly mammoth) colorless stones.

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How to Take the Perfect Diamond Photo with your Phone

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/12/17 8:54 AM

From big time investors to everyday diamond enthusiasts, we have all felt the inclination to take a perfect diamond picture of our prized possession; be it for selling, artistic, or just “capturing the moment” purposes. Most of the time, we don’t have a high quality camera lying around, instead we look to a device that is always in our pocket, our phones.

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