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Color Modifiers in Fancy Colored Diamonds: How Do They Affect Value?

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/19/18 9:07 AM

Last year, we posted an article emphasizing the difference between color modifiers and undertones and how different hues impact diamond value. If you haven’t already, check it out here.

In that article, we spent most of our time analyzing how different undertones affected pricing and possible reasons behind why they are not included in GIA reports. This time, we will be taking a closer look at color modifiers and exploring how different modifiers can affect a diamond’s value, as well as some exceptions to these rules.

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29 Factors You Should Know: What Affects Diamond Price? Part 2

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/17/18 9:07 AM

Welcome to Part 2 of our investor facts series. If you missed part 1, (you can check it out here) this is the series in which we explore 29 factors that directly affect diamond price, apart from the 4Cs of course.

While the 4Cs are the main contributing factors to a stone’s beauty, rarity, and value; there are multiple other nuances that also play a significant role in the stone's overall value.

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Colored Diamonds Investment - 6 Tips You Need To Know

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/12/18 9:02 AM

After publishing 3 Reasons You Should Consider Fancy Colored Diamonds, the logical progression would be to share tips and tricks for those who wish to begin investing in colored diamonds. Thus we've compiled a list of 6 diamond investing tips every beginner should know. 

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Surprising Results: Colored Diamonds of Sotheby's Hong Kong Auction

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/10/18 8:51 AM

Last Wednesday, the Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction yielded some pretty interesting and surprising results. As always, the auction presented some remarkable and unique pieces, however not all performed as expected. In this article we will be comparing this year’s auction to 2017’s, and we will briefly be looking at the lots that did and didn’t sell.

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The Arpège Tribute to the Stunning Purple Diamonds (Part 2)

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/5/18 8:13 AM

It is speculated that large purple diamonds can surpass even the reds when it comes to rarity (although this is not unanimously accepted among diamond experts and enthusiasts.)

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The Arpège Tribute to the Stunning Purple Diamonds (Part 1)

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/3/18 8:13 AM

In line with our series on colored diamonds, we continue to share our admiration for one of the most beautiful and captivating colors of the spectrum; Purple.

Linked to courage, loyalty, strength, honor, and of course royalty, these gemstones certainly belong among the elites.

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Colored Diamonds News From March 2018!

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/28/18 8:07 AM

March has come and passed with a blink the eye; as such, let's take a look at some of the best colored diamond news from March. This month, we have news about about Rio Tinto's 2017 report and their diamond production, the potential sale of a massive $93.6 million blue ring, and investment tips for buyers. 


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All The Insight You Need To Know About Fancy Colored Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/22/18 9:08 AM

As you may already know, colored diamonds have been gaining serious momentum as investment alternatives, competing even against assets such as fine arts, wine, classic cars, and precious metals.

It is for this very reason that we want to provide you with all you need to know about each diamond category, so you can make educated decisions on your next purchase/investment.

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Arpege Diamonds Presents: The Gruosi Green Diamond

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/20/18 9:06 AM

Being the month where we celebrate the Irish patron saint, we want to pay tribute to another breathtaking green diamond. While not as historic as the Dresden Green or valuable as the Aurora Green, this diamond has a certain captivating character which easily places it among the greatest green diamonds to have ever been discovered.

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Are Green Diamonds for Investing or Collecting?

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/15/18 9:13 AM

While green diamonds are exceptionally rare, they have often been outperformed by their red, blue, and pink counterparts, mainly because of color preference. This “underestimation” if you would, often led to green diamonds having fewer appearances in auctions, and were viewed as stones that mostly appealed to collectors rather than serious investors.

But how does that statement hold today? Are green diamonds still only sought after collectors and gem enthusiasts or are they starting to turn the heads of more serious investors?

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