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January Colored Diamonds News

by Tony Cathaway | January 31, 2017 |
As the first month of 2017 comes to a finish, it was not short on exciting colored diamond news from around the world. This included colored diamond insight from the Wall Street Journal, financial establishments pointing at colored diamonds as the ...

Investing in Natural Pink Diamonds: What You Need to Know

by Tony Cathaway | January 26, 2017 |
Pink diamonds are perhaps the most coveted of all the colored diamonds. Over the last 30+ years, the source for most of these diamonds has been the famous Argyle Mine in Australia. Prices for natural pink diamonds have consistently generated some of ...

3 Key Insights Driving Fancy Colored Diamonds Investments

by Tony Cathaway | January 19, 2017 | Alternative Investments
Due to the numerous socio-economic upheavals experienced on a global scale, many investors have begun turning to tangibles as a form of monetary security. One specific category that has been steadily gaining attention is that of the Fancy Colored ...

9 Top Colored Diamonds Sold In 2016

by Tony Cathaway | January 13, 2017 |
Fancy colored diamonds are one of the most stunning alternative investments available today!  These treasure assets can range from the thousands to millions of dollars and exhibit solid appreciation potential.  Let's take a look at some of the top ...

Arpège Diamonds Presents: Best Of 2016 Purple Diamonds & More Part 2

by Tony Cathaway | January 5, 2017 |
In naturally colored diamonds news, 2016 was filled with chock-full of interesting and insightful stories. As we enter the new year, we are providing a look back at our 10 best posts of 2016.  Counting backward, we provided posts #10 through #6 in ...

Arpège Diamonds Presents:  2016's Best of Colored Diamonds – Part 1

by Tony Cathaway | January 4, 2017 | History
2016 was an incredible year for the world of naturally colored diamonds and Arpège Diamonds has been there all year to share it with you.  Now as we reflect back on 2016, we share our Top 10 posts of the year.  We will present this retrospective to ...