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With the Holidays upon us, our focus on finer things increases. One of those includes chocolate. For many of us, chocolate is a taste that we savor. Just the mere mention of the word gets our mouthwatering. If our mouths water from eating "traditional" chocolate, just imagine how much our taste pallets would approve tasting the most premium and high quality chocolates.

If you were curious about expensive chocolate, here is a list with the most premium chocolates that are still available for purchase today.

Here are the 8 most expensive chocolates you can buy today:

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La Madeline au Truffe

 La Madeline au Truffe
Source: House of Knipschildt

The first entry on our list of most expensive chocolate is the “La Madeline au Truffe” or the Madeline Truffle made by the House of Knipschildt. The hefty $250 price tag is actually just for one piece of chocolate, rather than for a whole box. The truffle itself is made with 70% Valrhona dark chocolate as the base. In the center, you will find one of the rarest truffles in the world, the French Périgord truffle, which is surrounded by a rich ganache made from heavy cream, vanilla, and truffle oil. The entire piece is rolled in cocoa powder for a nice finish.

The box this premium chocolate comes in is crafted from gold-painted wood. The truffle itself rests on a bed of candy pearls and is surrounded by ribbons. The “Guinness World Records” stamp is prominently placed on the outside of the box because this expensive $250 truffle holds the record for most expensive chocolate piece in the world.

A little-known fact is that despite its name and use of classic European confectionary techniques, the House of Knipschildt is in fact located in Connecticut, USA.


Le Royale 54

 Le Royale 54 chocolate

Source: Debauve and Gallais

The first Debauve & Gallais entry on our list is “Le Royale 54,” a beautiful assortment of 54 dark chocolates, ranging from pralines to dark ganache. The beautifully shaped chocolates come in a hand-crafted blue and gray box seemingly unchanged since the company started selling its Royal collection in 1913. At $285 this box combines luxury, quality, and taste.

The French company actually has a rich history of making premium chocolates and was even the official supplier of chocolates to Louis XVIII and Napoleon.

The Big Book

The Big Book chocolate Debauve & Gallais
Source: Debauve and Gallais

Here we have another entry from Debauve & Gallais combining true quality and luxury. To commemorate their 200 years of operation, the company debuted The Big Book. These expensive chocolates come in a beautiful book-shaped box made of leather and inlaid with gold leaf and consist of ganache and praline pieces.

The $280 book-themed box is not just for show. In addition to the chocolates, the box contains an actual book that goes over the over 200-year history of Debauve & Gallais’s chocolate artisans.


Grateful Dead: A Collection of Curated Chocolates

 Grateful Dead A Collection of Curated Chocolates
Source: Vosges Chocolate

The founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, Katrina Markoff, loves the Grateful Dead branded crossovers she’s been able to pull off with her chocolate company. The most expensive chocolate currently available by US-based Vosges Haut-Chocolat is the Grateful Dead: A Collection of Curated Chocolates + Cosmic Crystals.

Known for their unique spin on chocolates (including pieces flavored with chili, wasabi, ginger, floral anise, and much more,) this box features chocolates flavored, dusted, and shaped into forms to serve as adornments for the chakra crystals. At $350 this box of expensive chocolates looks more like a piece of art than a tasty gift.

Gold Collection Ultimate Appreciation Gift Set


Gold Collection Ultimate Appreciation Gift Set godiva
Source: Godiva

Despite being a more “value-for-money” type of entry by Govida, this $356 Gold Collection Ultimate Appreciate Gift Set box still holds 105 pieces of premium-quality chocolate.

The design is simple yet elegant, with the main focus being the multi-flavored chocolates within, ranging from dark, milk, white, caramel, Belgian, praline, fruit, and ganache pieces.

Art Series Guayasamin

Art Series GuayasaminSource: To’ak

The sixth entry on our list of most expensive chocolate is the $450 chocolate bar by To’ak. This piece was made to be a tribute not only to Ecuadorian chocolate but to artist Oswaldo Guayasamin whose art is proudly depicted in the box. The Art Series Guayasamin chocolate bar is made of a premium blend of 77% cacao and includes flavors of tobacco, caramel, wood, and honey, while also featuring some earthy toffee notes.

The featured art isn’t the only thing driving up the price of this already premium item. The Heirloom Nacional cacao used to make this expensive chocolate bar is nearing extinction.

Gold Swiss Chocolate Box with Swiss Antique Collectible Gold Coin

Gold Swiss Chocolate Box with Swiss Antique Collectible Gold Coin

Source: deLafee

Made by Swiss-based luxury chocolatier deLafée the $517 Gold Swiss Chocolate Box entails 8 chocolate pieces wrapped in 24-karat edible gold. In the center of the box sits a beautiful antique gold Swiss Vreneli 10 Francs coin. Each one coin featured in these boxes is guaranteed to be dated between 1911 and 1922.


The Royal Book Chocolate Selection

The Royal Book Chocolate Selection

Source: Debauve & Gallais

The final entry on our list of most expensive chocolate once again belongs to Debauve & Gallais and is known as The Royal Book Chocolate Selection. This premium piece is related to the “Big Book” box mentioned earlier on this list. It too made to commemorate the company’s history, this luxury gift box features about 150 premium chocolates in a multitude of flavors. Similar to its less expensive counterpart, the box comes with a book recapping the history of Maison Debauve & Gallais. The final price for this beautiful gift box is a whopping $2117.

And that concludes our list of most expensive chocolates you can still buy today. Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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