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February Colored Diamonds News

by Tony Cathaway | February 28, 2017 | Things to Know
February was filled with colored diamond news from around the world, including some amazing auctions, Valentine’s Day specials, diamond trends, and more! This month, Arpège Diamonds is pleased to present the February edition of colored diamonds ...

4 Exceptional Colored Diamonds At The Rare Brilliance Exhibit

by Tony Cathaway | February 23, 2017 |
If you are a diamond enthusiast and live in the US, you will have the opportunity to experience 4 extremely rare and breathtaking pieces that will be displayed in the “Gem and Mineral Hall” of the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, CA. ...

The Most Valuable Naturally Colored Diamonds of 2016

by Tony Cathaway | February 21, 2017 | Things to Know
  A year ago in our article “Record-Setting Colored Diamond Sales in 2015” we had predicted that it would be very hard (impossible even), for future auctions and tenders to surpass the ones we experienced in 2015. It is a great pleasure to announce ...

Valentine's Day, Investments and Pink Diamonds

by Tony Cathaway | February 14, 2017 | Pink Diamonds Insight
Colors are rich in symbolism and perhaps no day highlights this more than Valentine's Day. This is a day of love and romance.  It's a day where many exchange gifts; from cards and candy, to expensive watches and even diamonds. When you close your ...

Best of the Best: Brown Diamonds

by Tony Cathaway | February 2, 2017 |
Red, blue and pink diamonds tend to grab the headlines (and the highest prices) due to their relative scarcity.  If one were to look to the opposite end of the colored diamond scarcity spectrum, they would find the brown diamond.  These tend to be ...