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Purple diamonds are among the rarest colored diamonds in the world, and according to some gemologist might just be the rarest colored diamond ever surpassing red diamonds. With the largest producer of natural purple diamonds having closed their mine in November 2020, new finds of these diamonds have become even scarcer, which suggests existing ones will become more valuable.

This post will be answering the following purple diamond questions:


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Are Purple Diamonds Real?

Purple diamonds are in fact real. Due to their immense rarity and multiple mysteries surrounding their color, many have thought that purple diamonds are in fact not real, but contrarily they are. These diamonds can be found in nature and are among the most valuable, rare, sought after, and expensive colored diamonds in the world.


Why Are Purple Diamonds Purple?

Purple diamonds are purple due to the existence of boron and hydrogen in the diamonds’ molecular structure. This however is just a theory. In fact, even the most experienced gemologists are perplexed as to how purple diamonds actually get their color. There are however 2 hypotheses:

The first hypothesis is also the most likely and agreed upon by gemologists. As noted earlier, recent studies have found the existence of boron and hydrogen within the molecular structure of these diamonds.


Another theory, similar to red and pink diamonds, purple diamonds got their color solely due to lattice deformities. While the recent discovery of elemental impurities has debunked this theory, there are still some gemologists who believe in this hypothesis.

Are Purple Diamonds Rare?

Yes, purple diamonds are exceedingly rare. In fact, they are among the rarest colored diamonds in the world, with some speculating that they might even be rarer than red diamonds.

Naturally purple diamonds account for approximately 1% of all diamonds mined from Serbia, Canada, and Australia, such scarcity means they are second only to red diamonds in terms of rarity, although as noted previously, there are some gemologists who argue that these diamonds are as rare as red diamonds, if not rarer.

Where Do Purple Diamonds Come From?

Purple diamonds come from only 3 locations around the world. These are Siberia, Russia; Quebec, Canada; and of course Australia’s very own Argyle Mine which has ceased operations as of November, 2020. This means that purple diamond supply will dwindle even further, as demand continues to rise.

Are Purple Diamonds Valuable?

Yes, purple diamonds are among the most valuable colored diamonds in the world. Their immense rarity means that they rarely show up at auctions, but when they do, they are often headline items that tend to break records.

What Affects Purple Diamond Value?

Purple diamond value is primarily affected by the 4Cs and the existence of undertones and color modifiers in their hue. While the 4Cs are the predominant factor used to grade and value a diamond, color modifiers and undertones also play a significant role when valuing purple diamonds. The most common color modifiers include pink and gray; although red and brown tones have also been spotted in purple diamonds, but are much rarer. A purple diamond’s value is directly related to the rarity of the secondary hue (with only minor exceptions). So a reddish or pinkish purple diamond will see significant value appreciation, while a brownish or grayish purple stone will undergo price discounts.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Purple Diamond?

In order to cope with the high demand and very limited supply of natural purple diamonds, treated purple diamonds have started to surge. As such investors need to be extra cautious when it comes to buying a new purple diamond. Treated purple diamonds usually display impeccable saturation and can display an orange fluorescence. It is therefore important to not get carried away by their beauty and always consult an expert when considering a purchase. Additionally, a certificate of authenticity issues by a reputable source, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is highly recommended.

Which Are The Most Famous Purple Diamonds In The World?

The most famous purple diamonds in the world are:

  • The Purple Orchid Diamond
  • The Royal Purple Heart Diamond
  • The Supreme Star Diamond
  • The Argyle Violet Diamond


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