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Record Prices for Orange Diamonds

by Tony Cathaway | April 28, 2016 | Insider
This post has been updated for 2021 Fancy orange diamonds are one of the world’s most precious natural stones. Each time one is discovered, it generates significant excitement among investors and collectors as orange colored diamonds make a ...

Trend Alert: Loose Colored Diamonds as Alternative Investments

by Tony Cathaway | April 14, 2016 | Alternative Investments
In today’s ever-changing economical world, where market prices can fluctuate in an instant, stable opportunities for investment are essential. Thinking outside of the traditional volatile stock market has led many investors to alternative ...

Florida Couple Wins as Pink Diamond Prices Soar

by Tony Cathaway | April 12, 2016 | Insider
Fancy colored diamonds are among the most rare diamonds in the world. The inimitable look, the deepness of their intense colors, and their shapes are what sets them apart from the rest. However, is the rarity of each color that makes these so ...