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Green - The Color of March Investment Collectibles

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/6/20 12:29 PM

It's March, which means it's the month we celebrate both March Madness and everything green. 

So, what better way to celebrate that then to share insight around one of the most famous green basketball ball cards in history, and green diamonds.


Did you know there are common high dollar features between green diamonds and a specific "green basketball investment collectible?" Actually, the green basketball investment collectible is one of the most valuable basketball cards of all time, and is none other than the famous 1997 Michael Jordan Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green (PMG)  card. 

What are these commonalities? 

There are quite a few actually. They are both extremely rare, and can reach extremely high value in the right circumstances. But they have something else, a far more “physical” similarity.


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Green Diamonds - Everything You Wanted To Know (Part 1)

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 7/24/18 9:53 AM

As opposed to pink, blue, and yellow diamonds that have been dominating auction blocks for the past 40 years, green diamonds have made relatively few appearances. While lack of supply is the main contributing factor, other factors such as “underestimation” may be at fault as well. In a two-part series, we'll share insight regarding some of history's most beautiful and significant natural green diamonds.

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Arpege Diamonds Presents: The Gruosi Green Diamond

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/20/18 9:06 AM

Being the month where we celebrate the Irish patron saint, we want to pay tribute to another breathtaking green diamond. While not as historic as the Dresden Green or valuable as the Aurora Green, this diamond has a certain captivating character which easily places it among the greatest green diamonds to have ever been discovered.

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