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colored diamond auctions.jpgColored diamond auctions are held throughout the year in all corners of the globe. Major auction houses host semi-annual events and often release pre-auction reports on the gems that will be featured. Christie's and Sotheby's have recently released information regarding their upcoming auctions and the colored diamonds that will be offered. In this article, we will feature a few of the most stunning offerings. 

Christie's Lot Number 216



Image Courtesy of FCRF

Christie's released press information on this Fancy Vivid Pink Diamond that will be auctioned off at their upcoming event. The 9.14 carat pear shaped diamond is set in a stunning ring. It was rated VS2 in clarity, which indicates very slight inclusions with flaws that are only visible under a microscope. The pre-auction estimate for this diamond is $1,970,000 per carat, meaning it could sell for upwards of $18 million. 


Christie’s Lot Number 155



Image Courtesy of FCRF

Christie's next offering comes in the form of a Fancy Vivid Orangey-Yellow Diamond. The 10.30 carat diamond is fashioned in an emerald cut and set in a classic ring. The diamond is rated internally flawless, making it an exceptional stone. Yellow diamonds among the most common of the colored diamonds, however this stone is above average when it comes to yellows. Its highly saturated color makes it extremely desirable. The pre-auction estimate for this yellow diamond is $290,000 per carat, with a potential value of just under $3 million. 


Sotheby’s Lot Number 337

image5.jpgImage Courtesy of FCRF

Sotheby's announced the upcoming sale of this unique Fancy Vivid Blue diamond. The 8.01 carat diamond is set in a ring and flanked by colorless diamonds. It was given a VVS1 clarity rating, denoting very very slight inclusions that are only observable via microscope by an expert. The pre-value estimate of this blue diamond is $3.12 million per carat, with the final potential value at auction of this diamond exceeding $25 million. 


Sotheby’s Lot Number 336


Image Courtesy of FCRF

Sotheby's is also presenting a Fancy Intense Pink Diamond at its upcoming auction. The 17.07 carat loose diamond provides its potential buyer the choice of setting it in a ring, necklace, or leave it in its loose form. The diamond received a VVS1 clarity rating, meaning that only experts can detect imperfections in the stone. The pre-auction estimate for the pink diamond is $880,000 per carat, giving it the potential of selling for nearly $15 million.

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