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Yellow diamonds are gaining notoriety as investors and collectors alike are becoming enamored with their immense beauty and value. Of all the types of colored diamonds, yellow is one of the more common hues to come across. This doesn’t make them any less valuable, with some of the largest colored diamonds ever to be unearthed being yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds are often referred to as canary yellow with colors ranging from a light, pale yellow to a deep, vibrant almost golden hue. In this piece we will discuss some of the most famous yellow diamonds ever to be unearthed.


Despite yellow diamonds being one of the more common types of colored diamonds, they continue to experience a steady increase in value. Many of the yellow diamonds that have been found and sold at auction in the last few decades have weighed in at more than 100 carats. One such diamond is The Tiffany Yellow, which is known as one of the world’s largest diamonds. The specifies of this diamond are hard to find as it was originally found in the late 1800’s, but it is believed that the diamond originally weighed more than 280 carats. The diamond went on to be purchased by Tiffany & Co. for $18,000 in 1879, which would be well over $500,000 in today’s value. The diamond is now on display on the main floor of Tiffany & Co. in New York City.

Another beautiful yellow diamond that not much is known about is the Sun of Africa. The diamond was found in 2007 in the Kimberly Mines of Africa and weighed in at 127 carats. The diamond was cut and polished in the Netherlands by a top diamond craftsman. Beyond this bit of information, not much is known of where the diamond currently resides, its value after cutting and polishing, or who owns it.

It is not uncommon for colored diamonds to have a bit of secrecy around them. Diamonds are a portable form of asset, which puts them in high demand. For this reason, many buyers like to remain anonymous to protect their investment from thieves who could be looking to make a quick buck. For this reason, it is not uncommon for yellow diamonds like the Florentine Diamond to have a veil of secrecy surrounding it. The Florentine Diamond is a 137.27 carat yellow diamond that has gone through several name changes over the year. It has also been owned by a line of royal heirs. Yet beyond this, not much is known although rumors suggest that the diamond is now 80 carats in size.

The Incomparable Diamond was found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and weighed in at 890 carats prior to being cut. The diamond was not discovered in an active mine, but rather by a young girl who was playing near her home. The family of the young girl went on to sell the diamond to a local jeweler who eventually sold it to the Zale Corporation. After cutting and polishing, the stone emerged as a 407.78 carat trilliant cut yellow diamond. It has held the record for the largest diamond that has been rated as internally flawless and is also the third largest diamond in the world.

Yellow diamonds are a captivating and sought after form of colored diamond. Whether you are looking to invest in colored diamonds, or collect them for their beauty, yellow diamonds prove to be a highly desirable item. With no end in sight, expect to see the value of yellow diamonds continue to swell in the coming months and years.

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