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We are pleased to see that more and more diamond enthusiasts are recognizing the true potential and beauty of Fancy Yellow diamonds. With an increasing number of such stones making an appearance and captivating the attention of investors in recent auctions, what better way to celebrate than with the yellow diamond that outshined them all, the “Cora Sun Drop”. 

yellow diamond

Despite being a relatively new find, the Sun Drop already ranks among the world’s most noteworthy colored diamonds due to its size and exceptional color.

Origins and Characteristics

From the moment it was unearthed in South Africa in 2010, this stone amazed all who came across it. The rough was ultimately acquired by New York based diamond manufacturing company, Cora International. After 6 months of intensive planning and cutting, they managed to expose its true beauty and transform the stone into a breathtaking 110.3 carat, pear cut, Fancy Vivid Yellow. Its clarity has been graded as VVS1, meaning the diamond has very slight inclusions that can only be observed by an expert using a 10x microscope.

In addition to grading it with the highest color grading for a yellow diamond by the GIA, this stone is also unique for another reason. Standing at the size of a woman’s thumb the Sun Drop is without a doubt the largest known pear-shaped fancy vivid yellow diamond in the world.

A Recent Find With A Massive Age

Despite being found only six years ago, intensive research has led experts to believe that the Sun Drop formed deep within the Earth’s crust between 1-3 billion years ago, as nitrogen integrated in its carbon crystal structure producing its yellow color. The diamond then traveled upwards where it was discovered within a Kimberlite pipe in South Africa.

cora sun drop yellow

Because of this, following its remarkable discovery and intensive months of work to perfect it, the Sun Drop was showcased at the Natural History Museum in London for a six-month period where it captured the attention of everyone who was fortunate enough to see it in person.

The Most Expensive Yellow Diamond

Cora International put the stone up for sale at Sotheby’s Geneva auction during November of 2011, where it fetched a remarkable $12.36 million. This set a new record for the most expensive yellow diamond in the world. Other than that, no other information has been disclosed regarding its current owner and location. Nevertheless, with its unusual size and captivating rich color, the Sun-Drop has become a one of a kind yellow diamond with a powerful presence that captures the attention and imagination of all who come across it.  

What Lies Ahead?

As with any colored diamond, its future is yet to be known. However, the rare characteristics of this unique stone will undoubtedly make it part of history as it accumulates stories of ownership and value. Natural yellow diamonds have gained a global recognition among diamond enthusiast and connoisseurs for their enchanting color and unusual characteristics. Diamonds such as the Sun Drop are rare to come by and will surely stir among people.

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