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For those looking to diversify from the standard stock and bond investing, treasure assets have a unique draw.  These tangible assets can range from classic cars, to artwork, to rare jewels. Treasure assets are often seen as passion assets to those who invest in them.  

Who can deny the beauty of a 75 year old car in pristine condition, or moreover a diamond so rare that there are less than 100 are in existence.  This passion is only intensified when investors realize that beyond the beauty, their investments can net them big financial gains.

Recent trends suggest that treasure assets are becoming a popular choice for many high net worth individuals. In the United Kingdom, wealthy investors are carrying as much as 7 per cent of their fortune in these alternative assets. In the United States, more than three quarters of those considered high net worth count treasure assets among their fortunes. For those looking to turn a profit, it is important to seek the alternative investments that have shown durability over time.

While alternative investments may begin as a passion project, they can develop into major income sources. The fine art sector has seen record setting sales in recent years. Art is a perfect example of a treasure asset that can bring lucrative enjoyment to those who are fortunate enough to invest. Pieces can accumulate astonishing value all while bringing pleasure to those who have the pleasure of viewing them. 

Diamonds have long been coveted as a symbol of wealth and beauty.  The growing shift towards treasure assets as investments has thrust pink diamonds to the forefront of this competitive industry. In a volatile market, pink diamonds have shown stability in steady, exponential growth over the past 15-20 years. Savvy investors looking to expand their portfolios need look no further than the burgeoning pink diamond market.

A driving force behind the consistent growth of the pink diamond investment market is supply and demand.  Only one carat of every 10,000 carats mined from the earth are fancy color diamonds.The Argyle Diamond Mine is responsible for more than 90 percent of the world's pink diamonds production, and fewer than 1 percent of the diamonds found at the Argyle Mine are graded this color.  For this reason, pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine are one of the most valuable and rare alternative investments on the market.

As interest in these beautiful stones increases, supply seems to be nearing an end.  While pink diamonds have always been rare, the major source has announced that the end is in sight.  The Aryle Mine has plans to close its mining site in 2020, according to the Telegraph. Duttson, the mine owner, stated that the pink diamond business has gone crazy. With the already existing demand and wealth in Argyle Pink Diamonds added to the approaching end date, the demand is expected to grow exponentially, priming itself as an optimal investment.

While people may be passionate about investing in stocks and bonds, they do not allow the owner to behold their beauty.  Alternative investments like artwork and rare pink diamonds offer investors a alluring way to amass their wealth; one that can be enjoyed by the skilled collector or the simple laymen. The opportunity to invest in a pink diamond today may be likened to the chance to buy a Picasso 50 years ago. Once the source is obsolete, these magnificent pieces of art will skyrocket in price. 

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