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Now more than ever fancy colored diamonds continue to be the top choice as alternative investments. For the past ten years these colorful stones have seen an increase in sales of nearly 142%, affirming that these unique pieces will continue to gain value over time. The preferred color by investors and collectors has been pink diamonds, due to their scarcity and the growth in demand driving an immense increase in prices.


Custom Pink Diamonds featured in Bridal Collection

The Argyle mine, located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, has become the crown jewel for pink diamonds. Before this mine was discovered in the 1980’s, pink diamonds were rarely found in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Southern Africa. The Argyle mine has become the world’s top producer in fancy colored diamonds, yielding nearly 90 percent of the world’s total production of pink diamonds.

 Almost 30 percent of the Argyle’s overall pink diamond production is sold in Japan, making up over a quarter of the whole pink diamonds world market. The Japanese market is one that appreciates the rarity, beauty and quality in colored diamonds that only Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine can offer.

For almost 30 years, jewelry designers in Japan have integrated Argyle pinks into exquisite pieces. However, there is a new trend on the rise and a demand for small pale pink and red diamonds to be incorporated into delicate bridal jewelry pieces. Pink hues have become a symbol of romance and love amongst Japanese brides and an indication of wealth among society.


Rio Tinto has partnered with bridal house Hatsuko Endo to showcase a collection of bridal jewelry pieces prominently featuring Argyle’s pinks, an exclusive collaboration of Australia’s and Japan’s most exclusive diamonds and artistry. The runway show took place in Tokyo, Japan where romantic wedding gowns effortlessly moved down the runway, but the real stars of the night were the gorgeous custom-made jewelry pieces. Displayed were some of the pieces produced in conjunction with the Argyle pink diamonds, most notably a captivating shoulder brooch that featured 26 carats of diamonds in cascading pink hues that took two years to fabricate by Japanese jeweler Kashikey.

Also showcased was the Argyle pink tiara, a bespoke piece comprised of 180 Argyle pink diamonds in a range of silhouettes, dimensions, and hues totaling 20 carats. The stunning headpiece was originally designed by the Royal Jeweler Asprey of London, but later bought by Australian luxury retailer Linneys. Tiaras have become the latest trend in high-end bridal ceremonies in combination with pink diamonds.

It will be fascinating to look out for what other exquisite pieces will be created by innovative Japanese designers with the use of the ultra rare Argyle mine pink diamonds. Not only will these pieces make for a beautiful addition on a bride’s special day, but also have the potential to increase in value over time.

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