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As 2019 kicks off, there was a ton of colored diamonds news from across the world. Let's take a look at some of the diamond industry trends from 2018, how pink diamonds are becoming one of the hottest investments of 2019, and how colored diamonds have outperformed stocks and bonds! 

colored diamonds news


  • One major impact of the world’s leading colored diamond producer means diamond companies (like De Beers) will have to adapt with the lack of supply. One option could have these organizations enter the retail end of the diamond industry. To learn more about the topic, click here.
  • Christie’s and Sotheby’s are known for their world-class auctions. In 2018, the two diamond giants sold nearly $1 billion worth of jewelry. How did this compare to 2017? Click here to read more!
  • With 2018 behind us, many are left wondering, what was the best investment of the year? According to this post, luxury assets such as wine, art, and colored diamonds outperformed stocks and bonds! Click here to read more.
  • If you were to guess what the most coveted colored diamond was, would you have guessed it was pink? In this post, this author explores how the pink diamond became the world’s hottest gemstone. Click here to learn more now!
  • The Hope Diamond was initially embedded in the head of a Hindu goddess statue, but ever since it was taken, many of it’s rich owners have been cursed. How far back does this curse date? It’s much older than you think! Click here to learn more about the diamond curse.
  • The Argyle Mine wasn’t the only diamond mine to underperform compared to last year. The Diavik mine in Canada slid 3% in 2018. What could this mean about the diamond industry? Click here to learn more!
  • With 2 of Rio Tinto’s mines underperforming, let’s take a look at the performance of another diamond producing mine. In 2018, Alrosa produced 36.7 million carats of diamonds, which was a 7% drop compared to 2017. With all of these mines underperforming, what does this mean? Click to learn more

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