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Arpège Diamonds is pleased to present this month's colored diamond news. Some key points from October included more information on the new Argyle Tender collection, another blue diamond sale by Bonhams auction, and more! 

colored diamond news

  • We all knew colored diamonds are a unique investing opportunity. Among others include, classic wines, fine art, and cars. In fact, in the latest Knight Frank’s Luxury index, jewelry surpassed cars on the list. You can read the full details here.
  • Are you still considering colored diamonds as an investment opportunity? Dividend investment expert Bryan Perry explains the importance of having "dividend diamonds" in your portfolio. You can read the post here
  • When it comes to investing a colored diamond, there are a plethora of different colors, cuts, intensities, etc. So which investment is right for you? Check out this post to see which stone is right for you.
  • The Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) is a group who looks to educate and promote global awareness for natural color diamonds. Most recently, the organization has formed an affiliation with the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences in an attempt to expand into Asia. For more details, you can check the post here.
  • As the Argyle Tender extends to showcase across the world, the auction is expected to net millions of dollars. The event is so exclusive that attendees are unaware of the location until the day of. Read more details here about the Argyle Tender in New York.
  • Last month, we reported of the largest pink rough diamond discovery from the Alrosa mine. Currently, the stone is getting examined to determine whether it’ll be sold as a polished stone or rough diamond. How much will it sell for? Read more details about the stone and expected price of the diamond.
  • Add another one to Graff’s collection. In the latest Bonhams New York auction, Graff Diamonds won a pear-shaped, fancy-intense blue, 4.03-carat diamond for $3.6 million. For more details about the sale, you can check it out here.

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