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It is time once again for the annual Argyle Tender!  This is an exquisite event held annually by Rio Tinto, owner of the Argyle mine showcasing some of the world's most exclusive fancy colored diamonds originating from that mine. To get a taste of the showcase, check out the 2016, Chroma Collection here.

2017 tender argyle.jpg

Custodians Of Rare Beauty

Titled as ‘Custodians of Rare Beauty,’ the Argyle Tender 2017 includes a plethora of unique diamonds originating from its mine in Kimberley, Western Australia.

The 2017 collection is showcasing 58 diamonds that weigh a total of 49.39 carats; which is smaller than the 2016 collection of  63 diamonds weighing a combined 58.24 carats. Perhaps this is attributable to the impending closure of that mine around 2020. (Also Read: This Might Happen When the Argyle Mine Closes)

*2017 average is .85-carats per diamonds vs .92- carat per diamond in 2016*

Five Hero diamonds headline ‘The Custodians Of Rare Beauty.’ However, the main diamond of focus this year is the Argyle Everglow, which is the largest red diamond offered by the Argyle mine ever!

The Argyle Everglow 


This beautiful red diamond has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a Fancy Red, VS2 Clarity, radiant shaped diamond. In the history of Argyle Tenders that spans over 30 years, only a handful of red diamonds weighing a total of 20 carats have been offered. The color, size, and shape is what makes this diamond as one of the most important diamonds in history,

The Argyle Isla 


The second red diamond in this year’s tender is the Argyle Isla. The GIA has this stone certified as a 1.14 Fancy Red, radiant shaped diamond. The specific color and style is unknown, however a diamond of this size and type only comes once in a blue moon. To put in perspective, if an individual was interested in investing in a red diamond, there are 20-30 total diamonds, of which only a fraction are greater than 1 carat. What makes this stone more special is that it has been found and certified by the Argyle mine, a leading resource in the fancy colored diamond world.

The Argyle Avaline 


The Argyle Avaline is a beautiful purple diamond. The GIA has listed this stone as a 2.42 carat Fancy Purple-Pink cushion shared diamond. Much like red, purple diamonds are hard to come by. It made the Hero list due to its rare size and unique color. Generally speaking, it is hard to find colored diamonds of sizes larger than 1 carat. 

The Argyle Kalina


Although this isn’t a pure red diamond, the size and mix of color makes this a rare diamond. The GIA has listed the Argyle Kalina has a 1.50 carat Fancy Deep Pink oval shaped diamond.

The Argyle Liberte 


Last but not least, the fifth Hero diamond is the Argyle Liberte diamond. This stone is a 0.91 Fancy Deep Grey-Violet radiant shaped stone. It exhibits an astonishing mix of grey and violet hue, which is considered a rare combination.

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