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Arpege Diamonds has reinvented the concept of selling pink and other naturally colored diamonds through a hassle-free process that offers only the highest quality of diamonds at unbeatable prices. Our mission is to offer diamond investors and diamond enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase pink diamonds at the most affordable prices in the market. 


Arpege Diamonds’ Concept

Our business model took the structure of companies like Groupon and Living Social and elevated it to the luxury level. Arpege Diamonds has brought the concept of a “deal of the day” to the diamond industry, selling only one colored or natural pink diamond each day at one irresistible price!

What is the process?

Several times a week, Arpege Diamonds features through its web site one investment quality colored diamond, many of which originate from the highly coveted Argyle Mine in Australia. The exclusive diamond can be purchased through a simple phone call or online chat. The Daily Diamond Deal is a first come, first serve offering, so if you are looking for strong investment opportunities and would like to be notified about our daily diamond deal, you can sign up here.

Why Pink Diamonds?

Various reasons account for the high demand of pink diamonds including their beauty and rarity. Another major factor in the popularity of natural pink diamonds is the limited supply. There is an inevitable scarcity on the rise as the world’s finest quality pink diamonds are only found in Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in East Kimberely, Australia.  In fact, out of 1,000,000 carats of rough diamonds produced at the Argyle mine, just one carat is of gem quality, this rare occurrence spikes the interest of diamond connoisseurs and drives the increase in pink diamond prices. Sadly, this mine is expected to cease production around the year 2020, generating great concern among those who wish to acquire such quality gems. 

The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

In the mid-1980s the Argyle mine began production of the most alluring and sought after pink diamonds, it has quickly become known as the world’s only significant source of natural pink diamonds. The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender is held annually and is an exclusive, invite-only event showcasing up to 200 of the most exquisite and precious handpicked pink and colored diamonds produced at the mine. Those invited to the event of the year have the opportunity to place sealed bids on these gems.

The 2015 Argyle pink diamond tender showcased 65 top-quality diamonds weighing a total of 44 carats. Among these were some captivating red and pink diamonds, two of the rarest diamond colors. The highlight of the event was the “Argyle Prima’, a 1.2 carat fancy red diamond in pear shape with SI1 clarity. Also up for auction was the ‘Argyle Élevé”, a 1.44 carat fancy intense pink with VS1 clarity. All hammer prices at the Argyle pink diamond tender are undisclosed, but many speculate last year it fetched nearly $40 million.

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