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For many years naturally colored diamonds have been the ultimate display of wealth among the affluent population. In recent times these stones have become the ultimate investment and the hot trend on the auction block.



Naturally colored diamonds have seen a steady growth, fetching up to $1 million per carat, depending on their rarity and carat weight. With the record setting sale of the “Blue Moon Diamond” at $48.5 million, the new normal is moving up to $4 million per carat.  In November 2015, this 12.03-carat fancy vivid blue sold at Sotheby’s in Geneva, generating a spectacle, as it became the world’s largest known fancy vivid blue diamond.

 Undoubtedly, 2015 was a record setting year for naturally colored diamonds, specifically for pink and blue diamonds. Needless to say, today’s investors are viewing colored diamonds as solid investment opportunities. Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva in May of 2016 will showcase some of the most splendid jewels from all over the world. The highlight of the night will be the Oppenheimer Blue, a 14.62-carat fancy vivid blue diamond. The massive diamond is expected to set a new world record as the largest and finest fancy vivid blue diamond ever sold at auction.  The diamond’s unique color, clarity, and carat weight has already generated a media sensation with various exhibitions around the world captivating the eyes of collectors and investors. The exquisite rectangular cut diamond is set to fetch between $38-$45 million once it goes on the auction block in May 2016. However, if it sells for the same $4 million per carat as the Blue Moon Diamond, it could see bids nearing $58 million.

 Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva in May 2016 will also showcase an extraordinary 15.38-carat vivid pink that could fetch up to $38 million, that is more than $2 million per carat.  The sale of the Unique Pink will be one that displays the increasing trend of naturally colored diamonds worth more per carat than any other stone.

 Diamonds of such large size and exclusive color are extremely rare to come by. These factors are the reason why there is a large segment of investors who know the true potential of these gems and are willing to pay premium prices.  The largest markets for these naturally colored diamonds are primarily in Asia, Russia, Europe and an increasing interest among American investors.

 Tangible assets such as naturally colored diamonds have become the alternative to stocks and bonds, which were the safe route to invest until the recent financial crisis.  These stones continue to appreciate exponentially throughout time, as in the case of a Florida couple who purchased a 10-carat fancy intense purple-pink for $2 million. The diamond appreciated by 500% in just a ten-year period and recently sold at auction for $8.85 million.

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