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If you are looking for potential ideas for a father’s day excursion, why not plan a trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas? You never know, it just might turn out to be more than just a bonding experience with your father.

crater of diamonds.jpg

Once you have entered the park, you will be granted access to dig in a large open field located on the surface of a large diamond rich volcanic crater, and potentially find precious stones and diamonds worth thousands of dollars. 

It is said that the Crater of Diamonds formed after the eruption of a volcanic vent near the earth’s surface million of years ago, unleashing a multitude of diamonds in the soil above. While this would be an ideal opportunity for a company to privately mine these stones, park spokesperson Meg Matthews said it would be too expensive to sustain operations. The area was therefore turned into a state park where visitors can come and spend some time digging for literal treasure.

If you are interested in visiting this great park, the following are some points you will need to know to make the most out of your trip.


Bring the Right Tools for the Occasion

While there have been instances where visitors have found diamonds just lying on the ground out in plain sight, chances are you will be needing tools to increase your odds of finding any valuable stones. We recommend:

  • Shovels; both full size and small
  • Flowerbed trowels
  • A container to store your findings (a plastic bucket will suffice)
  • A sifting screen
  • Gardening gloves
  • Knee pads

If you like such excursions and plan on visiting the park multiple times (or other similar areas or events) it would be best to purchase and own these tools. Conversely, if it is your first time on this kind of trip and are not sure if you want to make an investment for these tools, you can always turn to the park itself, which offers all the above equipment for small daily rental fees.

Bonus tip (If you want to avoid paying these fees you can always bring a small shovel, bucked and window screen for sifting from home.)


Plan Ahead for Weather, Have the Right Attire 

When setting off on these types of excursions it is always wise to be mindful of the terrain and prepare accordingly for the weather. The park is a very large open area so on a sunny day, especially during the summer seasons, it is imperative you have a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and plenty of water to remain hydrated. If rain has been forecasted, be sure to bring a pair of old shoes or boots (preferably) as the field can get very muddy.


Know What to Look For 

It is important to educate yourself before starting your search for diamonds. These precious stones look nothing like they do in jewelry stores, and movies. They will not be processed, cut and polished; they will be diamond “roughs.” Usually these stones will be smooth, well rounded, with a slightly metallic luster. For more information feel free to visit the park’s website where you will find a guide to what diamonds look like in their rough state. 

rough diamonds

Learn Search Methods

There are three main techniques you can follow once you are ready to begin your search for diamonds:

  1. Scan the surface. Like we mentioned earlier, diamonds have been found just laying on the ground. Carefully scan the surface of the trail you are on, you might get lucky. Bonus: The best time to do this is after a strong downpour, the water will have washed away a lot of the dirt exposing these “surface dwellers.”
  2. Use your sifters. Use a small shovel or other hand tool to gather or soften up the first 6-12 inches of soil and use a sifter to find any diamonds that may be hiding there.
  3. Dig deep. If all else fails try digging deep holes remove the soil and filter it through a series of screens. This is by far the hardest and most time consuming method and is typically used by experienced diamond hunters.

Note that any diamonds you find can be given to the Diamond Discovery Center for identification, weighing, and certifying free of charge.

We hope our guide will prepare you for a great adventure for your father’s day outing! Stay safe, have fun, and happy hunting.

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