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Rio Tinto is known as one of the world’s largest metal and mining companies. A British-Australian company, the mining giant is constantly in the forefront of industry news, from their Annual Pink Diamond Tender to major partnerships like the one that was announced earlier this quarter. 2016 marks the brand new partnership between Boodles and Rio Tinto. In September, Rio Tinto selected the UK luxury jeweler as a select atelier for the Argyle Pink Diamonds.

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As Rio Tinto states: “The distribution of Argyle pink diamonds that are not sold through the Annual Tender is rightfully managed until it reaches its final owner. These diamonds are sold as loose polished diamonds throughout the year. A group of master craftsmen known as Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Ateliers and Authorized Partners have been appointed to ensure all market initiatives are in support of the standards of care and chain of custody that are set from the mine discovery to the acquisition of finished fine jewelry or polished diamonds.”

It’s a huge honor to be a member of the Select Atelier group as the selection is a highly vigorous consideration process. The jewelry brand chosen has to be one of the finest in their craft. 

Since the 1980’s, Argyle pink diamonds have drawn attention of collectors worldwide. A Select Atelier is considered as one of the most trusted jewelry craftsman in the field. Rio Tinto seeks a brand, as they say, “relied on for their unerring quality, integrity, and spectacular creativity that traverses the classic to contemporary. Most importantly, they share a passion for perfection.” There’s no doubt that Boodles is honored to be part of this elite group.

The manager of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds, Josephine Johnson said of their new partners, “Boodles is an exciting British fine jeweler with over two centuries of heritage, who continue to deliver contemporary and beautifully crafted designs with the finest of fancy colored diamonds. We are delighted to welcome them as an Argyle Pink Diamonds Select Atelier.”

Boodles was established in 1798 in Liverpool and is currently a sixth generation family business. The company has a passion for rare diamonds, which makes it a perfect fit with Rio Tinto. Jody Wainwright, the director of Boodles adds, “The Argyle Diamond Mine is famous the world over for its signature pink diamonds and we are looking forward to crafting fine jewelry creations with these iconic diamonds.”

The 2016 Argyle Pink Tender was labeled the Chroma Collection. It consisted of 57 pink diamonds, 2 violet diamonds, and 4 red diamonds, with the Argyle Violet as the centerpiece of the collection. Predicted to sell for millions, the Argyle Violet is an ‘impossibly rare’ diamond, as Rio Tinto Diamonds general manager of sales, Patrick Coppens puts it. The Argyle Violet is an oval-shaped diamond and weighs 2.83 carats.

Patrick Coppens continues to say, “Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine is the first and only ongoing source of rare pink, red, and violet diamonds in the world and we are delighted to host the Argyle Pink Diamonds in London, where we have a long history in the rare gem collector and jewelry connoisseur markets.”

Argyle Pink Diamonds attract attention of high-class collectors worldwide. Be sure to keep a look out on any updates with the sales of these beautiful pink diamonds, as they are predicted to sell for millions of dollars.

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