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Mothers Day Weekend is just around the corner and it's our turn to give back to one of the most important women in our lives. Each year, we either stress to find a certain “something” for the occasion, and oftentimes we may even forget to get anything at all! So why not make this year special? Why not honor the mothers of our families with a gift that is as special and magnificent as they are?

mothers day

Here are the 3 most appropriate colored diamonds for the occasion.


The color of sunshine itself will brighten up her whole day. Yellow is very closely related to happiness, cheerfulness, fun, and hope; all sentiments our mothers tirelessly tried providing us as we grew up.

sun drop yellow diamonds Yellow diamonds can be found all over Central Africa, Brazil, Congo (DRC), Sierra Leone, Angola, and Borneo. While these stones may be more abundant and priced slightly below other naturally colored stones (such as Pink, Blue, Green, or Red), they are by no means any less remarkable. Like most colored diamonds, their hue ranges from a light, soft yellow, to a beautiful vivid yellow resembling the vibrancy of a canary’s feathers. Moreover, these stones are often found with an exceptional clarity grading, making them hold significant value. That being said, they are still considered to be affordable comparatively to other “investment grade” diamonds out there.

All in all, yellow diamonds are an exceptional gift for an exceptional woman.


Pink is without a doubt the sweetest color in the spectrum. It signifies unconditional love, compassion, understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing; the exact representation of motherhood.

pink diamondsThe main source of Pink Diamonds is the famous Argyle Mine in Australia. However, such beautiful stones can also be found (occasionally) in the mines of South Africa, Siberia, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and India. Pinks are one of the most sought after precious stones globally. Their heightened demand and diminishing supply from the imminent closure of the Argyle Mine has caused the value of these stones to rise exponentially during the last decade. While even the smallest, intense pink stones, with high clarities can yield staggeringly high prices, there are more affordable options that will suit your taste and budget.

For more information on which Pink Diamond grade is best suited for you, check out our Tribute to Pink Diamonds.


Red is commonly associated with love, passion, and anger but it also has another meaning; admiration. So why not consider the most admired naturally colored diamond, for the most admirable woman in your life?


Red diamonds are among the most beautiful and rare diamonds ever to be discovered. They are so scarce that only about 30 such pure stones have been documented to exist and only a handful have ever made an appearance in auctions. To put their rarity into perspective, 1% of the stones discovered at the Argyle Mine are pink, and out of this 1%, only 1% has ever been graded as being a pure red diamond. So if your budget allows it (and you are lucky enough to find one), a red diamond would be ideal for the occasion. 

What color will you be choosing for Mother’s Day? Let us know in the comments or on our Twitter.

For more reading on colored diamonds, check out the link below. 

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