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March was filled with colored diamonds news from all across the world, including the discovery of new diamonds, diamond trends, and much more! Arpège Diamonds is pleased to present this month's colored diamonds news!

colored diamonds news

  1. March was full of green diamonds news! If you haven’t checked out our tribute to green diamonds, you can find it here. Also in the month of March, the Merlin mine in Australia uncovered 5 green diamonds. Check out the full story here.
  2. We’re all aware of the limited diamond supply in the Argyle mine and its expected closing date in the year 2020. Most recently, Rio Tinto reported a drastic drop in the mine’s resources at the end of 2016 and announced it was going to further review its plans to expand the life of the mine. To read more, check out the full post here.
  3. As we previously mentioned, the Argyle mine resource saw a drastic drop in their resources. How much exactly? 66%... For the full report, check out the post here.
  4. Christies Jonker diamond large.jpgChristie’s holds auctions all over the world including Hong Kong, where it holds one of its most famous events. This event, the Magnificent Jewels auction, will auction off the famous Jonker V diamond. For more details, click here. 
  5. With limited supply, the demand for these beautiful colored diamonds has skyrocketed. Between the years of 2009 and 2016, pink diamonds have seen an increase in 180%. In their post, MiningFeeds.com takes a look at the demand for pink and blue diamonds. For full details, read the report here.
  6. The millennial generation is on the rise. As such, businesses and organizations are trying to connect with this group. In the diamond industry, the DPA (Diamond Producers Association) has taken to the task of engaging with millennials. Check out this quick interview with Jean-Marc Lieberherr for how he envisions connecting with millennials. 
  7. AIGS is the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences based in Bangkok, Thailand. Most recently, AIGS appointed industry expert, Barbara Wheat, the new president. To find out what this means for the diamond industry, click here.
  8. Lukoil, the largest oil miner in Russia, doubled their revenue last year to $335.8 million, just ahead of the sale of the Grib mine. This mine is the organization's biggest diamond asset in the Arkhangelsk region. The company announced the sale of the mine last year, subject to the government’s approval. For full details, check out the post here.

For more reading on colored diamonds, check out the link below. 

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