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As the year winds down, there has been no shortage of exciting news in the world of colored diamonds and pink diamonds. Decembers top news includes some incredible diamond discoveries, amazing auction results, dazzling displays, and a recap of the year in diamond news. Arpege Diamonds is proud to present the final edition of colored diamond news for 2016.

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  1. Rapaport kicks off our list with the 10 Most Read Diamond Stories of 2016. Among the items to make the list are the discovery of the Lesedi La Rona, a 1,109 carat diamond, updates and explanations of the diamond grading systems, and some diamonds that have been tampered with and synthesized.
  2. Brenda Cronin of the Wall Street Journal recaps Colored Diamond Auctions in 2016. Included amongst the stunners is the Oppenheimer Blue, which sold in May of 2016 for an unprecedented $57.7 Million.
  3. FinFeed reports on the Discovery of an Incredible Blue Diamond in the Northern Territory of Australia. Less than a month after mobilizing their mining fleet in the Northern Territory of Australia, Merlin Diamonds has discovered a rare blue diamond. Although the diamond itself is small in stature, weighing in at 0.124 carats, it indicates the probability of additional blue diamonds being discovered at the site.
  4. Shihaan Larif of Internet Stones reports on the New Board of Directors for Natural Colored Diamond Association for 2017 (NCDIA). The organization which was founded in 2003 has a mission to “train, enlighten and educate the global community about natural diamonds.”
  5. Anthony DeMarco contributes to Forbes, reporting on the Colored Diamonds Exhibit at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum. The exhibition, titled The Diamonds: Rare Brilliance will run through March 19th, 2017. The pieces being displayed in the exhibit are owned by LJ West Diamonds.
  6. Nick Glass of CNN Reports on Why 2016 was the Year of the Colored Diamond. Glass features some of the more notable sales of colored diamonds throughout the year, as well as showcasing some stunning photos of colored diamonds.
  7. Rebecca Linke of Computer World reports on some exciting news from the science side of colored diamonds, Researchers have Created a Radio out of Pink Diamonds. The radio itself is so tiny that it is the size of two atoms and being made from diamonds means that it is extremely resilient to harsh conditions. Possible applications of technology like this range from space exploration to usages within pacemakers.
  8. Rapaport News reports that De Beers has Added 25 Years to a Botswana Mine. The company indicates that they are close to completing a tailings project that is anticipated to add 25 years to the life expectancy of the mine. Production from the mine had already increased 6% within the first 9 months of 2016.
  9. The Hollywood Reporter’s Laurie Brookins recounts the Stunning Yellow Diamond that adorned the hand of the CEO of De Beers at the recent opening of the De Beers flagship store on Madison Avenue. The 55-carat stunner will be showcased at the store upon the opening of the 2100 square foot, two-story boutique.

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