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Can you believe that 2019 is just around the corner? With another month done, there has been a ton going on in the colored diamond world. This month, we take a look at some of the most rare colored diamond discoveries (including red and brown diamonds!). There also were plenty of auctions that occurred during the month, including a record breaking sale! Without further delay, let's begin.



  • Christie's recently unveiled a 18.96-carat fancy vivid pink it will put up for auction on November 13th in Geneva. According to the Robb Report, only four similar diamonds have gone up for auction at Christie's in the last 250 years. Click here to learn more about the diamond.

price of colored diamonds

  • Mining giant Alrosa had their True Colors Auction this past month. During this event, over 200 diamonds were sold, generating $9 million in sales. Of the diamonds sold, this oval cut Fancy Vivid Orangy Yellow diamond weighing 15.11 carats was the highlight. Click here to learn more about the diamonds sold at the auction.
  • Records are meant to be broken right? In the latest Bonhams auction, a 5.03-carat fancy pink diamond sold for $2,935,263. This brings the value of the diamond to $583,551 per carat, breaking the record for price-per-carat for a diamond of its kind. Click here to learn more about the sale.
  • Red diamonds are extremely rare; so rare that only 30 true red stones have been discovered in the entire world. In recent news, Rio Tinto has revealed a 2.28-carat oval shaped Fancy Purplish Red gem called the Argyle Muse at its latest tender. To read more about this diamond, click here.



  • Speaking of the 2018 tender, Rio Tinto will be auctioning off the largest vivid pink diamond in its history. Labeled as "The Magnificent Argyle Tender" these stones consist of  63 diamonds weighing a total of 51.48 carats. The tender includes 5 Fancy Red diamonds, 2 Purplish Red diamonds and 3 Violet diamonds. Click here to learn more about the tender



  • October wasn't full of great news, Rio Tinto reported reduced output from its Argyle and Diavik mine for Q3. Does this mean the mine will be closing sooner than expected? Click here to read more.  
  • In other diamond news, a diamond mind in Lesotho recently uncovered a 357-carat diamond. Although specifics on the diamond are unknown, the stone exhibits a light brown color. Click here to read more about the giant diamond.

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