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As 2018 kicks off, there is a significant amount of colored diamond news across the world. Arpège Diamonds strives to provide leading insight and stay on top of the latest and best naturally colored diamond news.  This month, we’ll share information about colored diamond auctions, diamond prices, and new discoveries!

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  • We all know what colored diamonds are, but have you heard of Chameleon diamonds? These stones are taking the investment community by storm. Read more here about Investing in Chameleon Diamonds
  • We all know the frenzy of block-chain and Bitcoin, but did you know De Beers is piloting this same technology for the diamond industry? As De Beers says, “The platform will enable a permanent digital record for every diamond registered on the network” Click here to get additional insight. 
  • Are you interested in the top-performing gem and diamond stocks from 2017? In this post, Investing News put together a list of the five biggest gainers.
  • This mine is starting 2018 on the right note. The Lulo mine in Angola, owned by the Lucapa Diamond Company, just unearthed the largest colored gem-quality stone in its company’s history. Click here to learn about the 43-carat yellow gem.
  • The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), is known for grading colored diamonds. This month, the organization announced it’s plans for opening a laboratory in Surat, and expand its operations in Antwerp. Click here to read more details.
  • If you’re interested in statistics and data, Rapaport released its Annual Price Statistics Report for 2017. In it, they evaluate the performance of polished-diamond prices while also providing analysis on the trends in prices from the past year. If interested, click here to learn more.
  • Did you keep up with all the colored diamond auctions sales of 2017? Which one was your favorite? In this post, Rapaport lists the biggest and boldest auction sales of the past year.

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