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The times they are a-changing, and you’ll find that tastes are, too. Once upon a time, the clear diamond engagement ring was as de rigueur as a white dress. While most stick with the tried and true, women are becoming more adventurous in their choices of stone and setting. According to Her.ie, women are changing over metals from platinum and white gold to yellow and even rose gold, while stones are shifting away from the clear diamond into colored stones and fancy colored diamonds in hues from pinks, blues, and yellows to the brown diamonds in shades of champagne and bronze. Even black diamonds are seeing a surge in popularity as they find their way onto the fingers of brides to be. Much of the trend is being driven by the desire for something unique and special to the individual. Women no longer want what all their friends have, says CNN, and are out to show their style and individuality.


Durability is an Issue

While there are many beautiful, colorful gemstones, and many grades of gold, engagement rings are typically worn every day on active hands and endure more wear and tear than a typical item of jewelry that might spend a large portion its life in a jewelry box. One of the factors in people choosing diamonds and platinum for their rings has been durability, but metals like palladium are entering the market to provide another alternative. Stones have to be durable, too, and that is the consideration that keeps diamonds so popular.

It’s no news that diamonds are the hardest stone there is. After all, they have industrial applications such as drill bits and saw blades, and of course only diamond cuts diamonds. Other popular choices for engagement rings include stones in the corundum family – rubies, or blue, clear, and fancy color sapphires. Some even opt for stones in the chrysoberyl or topaz families. Other choices that have been historically popular include spinel and garnet, which were popular when the rarity and expense of diamonds put them out of reach for most people. The Victorians were fond of turquoise, pearls, and other soft stones, and the Georgians even used amber.

Your Ring, Your Way

When you’re thinking of an engagement ring, you’re not limited to the stock on hand at the local mall. You can create or design a ring with a look and style all your own. Just remember that it is something that you are going to wear every day, and that hands can be very active throughout the day. Whatever you choose to buy, remember that you want the best stone that you can afford, and that means one with the four Cs of Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat firmly adhered to. Think about metals, and what tones will set off the stone you choose. Whether you go with classic and traditional, or unique and avant garde, we hope that you will treasure it for decades to come.

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