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2016 was an incredible year for the world of naturally colored diamonds and Arpège Diamonds has been there all year to share it with you.  Now as we reflect back on 2016, we share our Top 10 posts of the year.  We will present this retrospective to you in two parts.  This one, part one, will start with number 10 through 6. Be sure to check back for part two which presents the remaining top 5! 


Here they are, starting with number 10.

10. Ten Facts About Black Diamonds

The most prevalent type of diamonds are colorless white diamonds. However colored diamonds have a long and interesting history, especially black diamonds. Once thought to be an ancient curse, black diamonds have a unique background and history. How many of these 10 facts about black diamonds do you know?  Click the title to learn more.


9. Three Famous Black Diamonds

In the diamond industry, there are two types of black diamonds. The first is called a natural fancy black diamond and the second is just referred to as a black diamond. The value of natural fancy black diamonds far outpaces its engineered black diamond counterpart. There are only a handful of natural black diamonds in the world. Here’s a preview for the three most famous black diamonds.


8. The Keys to Buying Loose Colored Diamonds

When purchasing loose colored diamonds an investment, the task at hand can be overwhelming. There are large selections of diamonds that vary in size, color, cut and grading. To the untrained eye, these different variables can seem insignificant. As the buying interest increases, it can be start to get overwhelming. Here what you need to know about buying colored diamonds.


7. Trend Alert: Champagne Diamonds & Cognac Diamonds

For centuries diamonds have been a symbol of wealth, royalty and luxury. However, it is fancy colored diamonds that have elevated diamonds to a new level of luxury and value. The more rare the color, the higher the demand. This can skyrocket the value of these beautiful diamonds, such as champagne and cognac diamonds.



6. Alternative Investments: A Comparison of Commodity Investing

Investing has long been used as a means of diversifying wealth. While an erratic stock market is nothing new, recent volatility in stocks both domestically and abroad have propelled savvy investors to seek other areas for growing their wealth.  Alternative investing has become an increasingly attractive option for these investors who are looking to move their investments outside of standard stock market trading. Check out the full post here!


2016 was a big year in the naturally colored diamond industry. Be sure to check back  for the remaining top 5 Arpège Diamonds stories from 2016! 

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