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May was full of colored diamond news from around the world! This month included another record breaking auction in Geneva, helpful tips on investing in colored diamonds, and much more!  Arpège Diamonds is pleased to present this month's colored diamonds news.

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  1. In the latest colored diamond news, DiamondCorp officially entered administration. As Rapaport says, “…meaning control of the miner is now in the hands of practitioners whose job is to try and rescue the business or sell it off.”
  2. Treasure assets are investments are tangible collectibles such as art, antique cars, and diamonds. In this post by Arpège Diamonds, they explore the difference between art and colored gemstones as form of investment.
  3. With the imminent closing of the Argyle mine around the corner, companies are looking for new methods and tactics to get the most out of a mine. Recently, one of the largest diamond producing companies, DeBeers, says it could operate carbon-neutral mine within the next 5 years. (This would help balance emissions from its mine.)
  4. As we know, colored diamonds are unique and complex treasure assets that could continue to climb. As such, the Mediterranean Gem and Jewelry Conference held in Sicily implemented a comprehensive review of colored diamonds. You can read more about the conference here.
  5. Another month, another auction, and another record broken. In the most recent Sotheby’s Geneva Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels, the world’s most expensive earrings were sold for $57.4 million to an unnamed buyer. Check out more details here.
  6. Jewelry auctions are held throughout the world. From New York to Geneva, and Hong Kong; the popularity is worldwide. However, in an interesting perspective, this article talks about how Hong Kong auctions are surpassing New York. What do you think? Leave us a comment or connect with us on social media below!
  7. Colored diamonds continue to grow in value over time. But how can you prove that? The easiest thing is to look at recent diamond sales over time. In one of the most recent diamond sales, Sotheby’s generated about $29 million in total sales. Read more here to find out how much these buyers paid for their stones.
  8. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) has issued a warning of natural diamonds with blue synthetic coating. It’s worried more ‘hybrids’ might be out there. What makes this type of stone different and special? Find out more here.
  9. Have you ever wondered the most expensive gemstones ever sold at an auction? There’s a record-breaking sale nearly every year. This post shares the most expensive colored diamonds sold at auctions.
  10. Traditional engagement rings are white, colorless diamonds. However, for the brides who love a little something different, colored diamonds are an option. Check out unique rings for brides who love a little something different.
  11. Tis’ the season of colored diamonds auctions. In the next upcoming Bonhams “Rare Jewels and Jadeite” auction in Hong Kong, this green diamond is the will lead the sale.

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