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July was full of colored diamond news from around the world! This month included reasons why you should invest in colored diamonds, helpful tips on picking the right investment, and much more!  Arpège Diamonds is pleased to present this month's colored diamonds news.

colored diamonds

  • Colored diamonds are an investment that's rapidly gaining popularity. It may be to do with its very limited supply! In this post, Arpège Diamonds explores what to look for in a diamond investment.
  • De Beers is a powerhouse when it comes to mining and diamonds. Most recently, the organization has launched an initiative to consider buying minority stakes into rapidly growing start-up companies. To read more about the new venture, click here.
  • Are you not sold on colored diamond investments yet? Here are 3 reasons you should consider fancy colored diamond investments. The article makes some compelling points!
  • Do you want in on a little secret? This park in Arkansas lets you keep any colored diamond you find! For the perfect excursion, read more about the Crater of Diamonds State Park here.
  • As of June 2017, De Beers has sold $530 million worth of rough diamonds. Compared to the same time in 2016, this price is below 7% below ($564 million in 2016). According to Rapaport, The company’s rough sales fell an estimated 4% year on year to $2.92 billion in the first half of 2017
  • Fancy colored diamonds continuously fetch high prices at auction, as interest in these diamonds as investments are still strong. In this post, the article takes a look at some of the trends from the latest colored diamond sales from 2017
  • They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about millennials? This post takes a look at millennials the diamond industry in the United States.

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