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In naturally colored diamonds news, 2016 was filled with chock-full of interesting and insightful stories. As we enter the new year, we are providing a look back at our 10 best posts of 2016.  Counting backward, we provided posts #10 through #6 in part 1 of our series here.  We are now pleased to present the second part of our series and our top 5 posts of 2016 below. 

purple diamonds

5. Alternative Investments: A Comparison of Commodity Investing

Investing has long been used as a means of diversifying wealth. While an erratic stock market is nothing new, recent volatility in stocks both domestically and abroad have propelled savvy investors to seek other areas for growing their wealth.  Alternative investing has become an increasingly attractive option for these investors who are looking to move their investments outside of standard stock market trading. Check out the full post here!


4. Eight Colored Diamond Facts That You Need to Know

Colored diamonds have become increasingly popular in recent years. These unique diamonds are becoming the featured centerpiece on everything from engagement rings to stunning necklaces. As the popularity of colored diamonds surges, many are seeking more information about their background. Arpège Diamonds is proud to bring you some interesting and little known facts about colored diamonds.  


3. Famous Purple Diamonds: The Purple Orchid

purple diamondsFancy purple diamonds account for only 0.2% of all colored diamonds in production, making them among the most rare diamonds in the world. The typical purple diamond weighs less than 5 carats. Regardless of the size, even the smaller gems have potential to be worth much more than other colored diamonds. Check out the full story on this famous purple diamond, The Purple Orchid!


2. Arpège Diamonds Presents "Famous Diamonds, The Black Orlov"

The Black Orlov has a very interesting history. Would you hold in your hands a cursed diamond that boasts an ominous warning of death? Is this story to strange to be true? Or do you believe this diamond is really cursed? Here’s the link to the story.


1. Red Diamonds: An Alternative Investment Windfall

In this post, Arpège Diamonds looks at one of the most rare diamonds in the world, red colored diamonds. The largest known red diamond is stunning 5.11 carats with the cost exceeding more than $450,000 per carat! Check out the article here.

For more reading on colored diamonds, see the links below: 

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