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February is perhaps the busiest month of the year for diamond sales. Arpege Diamonds has been staying on the forefront of the industry updates, record sales, and upcoming news from around the web. Here is the latest installment of Arpege Diamonds Presents: February Diamond Industry News. 


Arpege Diamonds Presents...

1. Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift: 70-Carat Diamond Bracelet By David Morris

London jeweler David Morris had a special offering for those looking to score extra brownie points this Valentine's Day. The jeweler crafted a bracelet featuring a 59.89-carat cushion-cut diamond centerpiece surrounded by 10.62 carats of pink and white fancy-cut diamonds. Created by Jeremy Morris, the price for this stunner was unlisted, available upon request. 

2. Diamond miners like De Beers, Rio Tinto lower rough diamond prices by 5-7%

Sutanuka Ghosal reports that several mines have lowered their prices on diamonds. For those looking to invest in diamonds, now is the time to buy.  Some industry experts suggest that prices may continue to fall another 8-10% by the end of the year. 

3. ALROSA Finds 122-Carat Diamond at Jubilee Pipe in Russia

 Rappaport Diamond News reports a massive diamond find coming out of Russia this month.  The octahedral shape 121.96 carat diamond is the most recent behemoth found from a mine that has produced several 50 carat plus diamonds in the last year.  Just this past December, ALROSA reported the mining of a 105.6 carat diamond. 

4. Fancy Yellow Diamond Prices +1.1% in Q4 2015

 David Brummer presents a summation of the colored diamonds market report from the fourth quarter of 2015. The star of the most recent report are fancy yellow diamonds, up 1.1% over Q3 of 2015. The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) produces these quarterly reports to promote transparency for both buyers and sellers in the high dollar industry of colored diamonds. 

5. De Beers halts exploration of diamond mine near Attawapiskat, Ont.

 CBC News reports that De Beers Canada has put a hold on exploration into Tango, a deposit located outside of their Victor mine in northern Ontario. Local pushback is at the forefront of the delay, which De Beers hopes to overcome within the coming year.  The Tango endeavor is an attempt by De Beers to extend the lifespan of the Victor mine, which is currently slated to close in 2018. 

6. A Photo Series from Inside a Brazil Diamond Mine

Courtney Riffkin of the Seattle Times explores a Brazilian Diamond Mine through an intriguing series of photos. This photo series seems to transport viewers back in time, far from the large-scale diamond mines of Russia or Australia. This piece gives readers an inside look at the traditions of diamond mining that have been passed down from generation to generation in a small Brazilian village. 

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