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Selecting a diamond, whether it be for a jewelry collection or an investment piece, comes with an variety of choices. There is a common misconception that when purchasing a diamond, it is always best to buy it mounted into a setting, such as a ring or necklace.  However, the choices in diamonds extend far beyond color, size, and clarity. Buying a diamond is a completely customizable experience and with a well-educated and trusted seller, buyers can truly buy the diamond of their dreams, whether it be a loose colored diamond or a set stone. 


Although purchasing a set stone can save some time and hassle, buying a loose colored diamond can have limitless potential. Buying a diamond that is already mounted offers great flexibility and convenience, as it can be hassle-free process. This option offers a cash-and-carry approach, suitable for those in need of a quick purchase. However because the diamond is preset, it is hard to determine its true quality. Diamonds are often intentionally set in a way in which their flaws can be concealed with parts of the jewelry piece or away from a viewable angle. This tactic is is typically used by unethical sellers, another reason that it is important to do some research before selecting a diamond seller.

While searching for loose colored diamonds may not be an immediate purchase, there are many advantages of purchasing diamonds in their loose form.

  • Loose diamonds facilitate the proper assessment of the diamond’s quality. With a loose colored diamond, the buyer can carefully inspect the diamond from all angles for flaws and identify any issues before purchasing.
  • Loose diamonds are also easier to purchase within specific budgetary confines. Whether the diamond is for gifting purposes or as an investment, buying a loose colored diamond can present numerous options within an established budget and criteria. This is contrary to buying a set stone where options may be limited and the buyer can be forced to settle for less quality.
  • Purchasing a loose colored diamond allows for the buyer to customize their piece into the setting they prefer, making the diamond truly one of a kind.
Loose Colored Diamonds as Investments

In the ever-changing financial world, investors have begun to think outside the box for their investments and colored diamonds have proven to be a stable investment opportunity. If considering a colored diamond as an investment, it is best to purchase a loose stone over a set stone as these have higher liquidity and their value is easier to assess and authenticate for potential buyers. Generally investors are more likely to purchase loose colored diamonds rather than set diamonds, unless the set diamond holds some historical significance.  In this case, the set colored diamond that has a long history and provenance may be more valuable than a loose colored diamond. 

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