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Colored diamonds come in all different shapes, sizes, and clarity. They also serve as a form of alternative investment; a treasure asset many investors are turning to. Did you also know they get their color from structural and chemical impurities? With so many interesting elements, let's take a look into 32 colored diamond facts.

colored diamonds facts

  1. 90% of pink diamonds are produced by the Argyle mine
  2. Colored diamonds count for only 1% of stones mined
  3. The Argyle mine has been forecasted to close by the year 2020
  4. Pink diamond prices have increased 300% at the Argyle tender between 2010 - 2015
  5. The value of pink diamonds has increased on average 15% per year.
  6. Auction prices for pink diamonds have seen an average value per carat climb to over $2 million.
  7. Pink Star diamondThe Pink Star, a 59.6 –carat pink diamond sold for $71.2 million
  8. The Vivid Pink, a 5-carat gem sold for more than $10 million
  9. The Unique Pink, a 15-carat diamond sold for over $31 million.
  10. The Sweet Josephine, a 16-carat dazzler sold for $28.5 million
  11. Unlike the volatility of the stock market, colored diamonds have shown steady and exponential appreciation
  12. The Graff Pink, a 23.88-carat diamond sold for $46 million
  13. The Martian Pink, a 12-carat sold for over $17 million
  14. The Daria-i-Noor is one of the largest natural pink diamonds found, weighing 182-carats
  15. Colored diamonds get their color from chemical impurities in their structure.
  16. More specifically, red diamonds get their color from rare deformities in the stones’ anatomical structure
  17. The highest valued colored diamonds are those with vibrant and unique hues such as pink, red, blue, green, and purple.
  18. Colored diamond prices have not reported any noteworthy depreciation for over 37 years.
  19. Colored diamonds can be placed in jewels, worn, and enjoyed; acting as a status symbol for many owners to exhibit
  20. moussaieff red diamondThe Moussaieff Red, a 13.9 carat red diamond sold for $8 million
  21. The Hancock Red, a 0.95-carat red diamond sold for $880,000 in 1987
  22. The GIA underlines a color modifier as the presence of a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th hue in a diamond.
  23. Green diamonds get their color from exposure to radiation during their formation.
  24. Green diamonds can be traced back to Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana.
  25. The Gruosi Green diamond is approximately worth $7.3 million.
  26. The Aurora Green diamond sold for $3.3 million per carat.
  27. Only one naturally blue diamond can be found for every 100 Picasso paintings.
  28. Blue diamonds get their color due to chemical impurities, specifically boron.
  29. Blue diamonds are the best conductors of heat and electricity, more so than any other substance on the planet.
  30. The Natural Color Diamond Association has reported an annual growth of 12-17% of in blue diamonds.
  31. The Oppenheimer Blue, a 14.62 carat diamond, sold for $57.5 million
  32. The Blue Moon, a 12.03 – carat diamond sold for $48.4 million.

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