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The Argyle Pink Diamonds tender for 2015 has passed, and the offerings are starting to be posted online by some of the purchasers. The tender for 2015 was 65 stones, and came in at an average weight of 1.47 carats per stone or a total of 44.14.Record_Breaking_2015_Tender.jpg

The Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

The 2015 tender confirms what diamond investors have long been aware of, red and pink diamonds are commanding some of the highest prices per carat in the world of gems and jewelry auctions. The Argyle mine produces most of the world’s pink and red stones, the rarest diamonds of all. They fetch higher prices per carat than blues or yellows, and frequently command an exponentially higher price than their colorless counterparts.

The Prima Takes the Stage

The Argyle Prima, the most valuable stone of the collection, was also the star of the show. The 1.2 carat pear cut Fancy Red stone was won by Sciens Colored Diamond Fund 11 BV for an undisclosed sum. The pooled investment fund will add the stone to its portfolio. The fund’s managing director said that the rarity of Argyle diamonds gives them great investment potential. Argyle’s statement simply stated their delight with the results and that those results are indicators that investors, collectors, and retailers alike appreciate the stones.  The 2015 tender achieved the highest price per carat since the offerings began in 1984.

Exclusive Event

Even the Tender catalogs are not available to the public, and the process by which attendees are selected is also hush-hush. Prospective attendees must also successfully complete Argyle’s compliance requirements, though even then a place at the Tender is not a sure shot. The event is closed to the public, and there are no paparazzi, just people who are very serious about acquiring some of the rarest and most valuable stones on the face of the earth.

Pink Diamonds

Only 200 entities were invited to the Tender itself, however there are enough diamonds on the open market for those new to both collecting and investing to purchase. Retailers and designers who garnered stones from the tender can be counted upon to have their offerings posted online or on view in on the sales floor very quickly after flying home. Only stones offered since the 2009 tender are laser inscribed, and can be identified through a 10x magnification on the girdle of the diamond.

If you are not someone who can attend the event, your best bet is to go with a select atelier or trade partner in order to procure your diamond. The vetting process is thorough and you will be dealing with someone who has had direct access to the tender. Remember, all stones since 2009, as long as they are above .15 carats are identifiable as Argyle stones. Just like major works of art by masters like Monet, Renoir, Picasso and others, diamonds make a great alternative investment that will hold or increase its value over the years. Happy diamond hunting!

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