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Valentine's Day, Investments and Pink Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 2/14/17 10:26 AM

Colors are rich in symbolism and perhaps no day highlights this more than Valentine's Day. This is a day of love and romance.  It's a day where many exchange gifts; from cards and candy, to expensive watches and even diamonds. When you close your eyes and think of this day, images of pink and red abound.   For the naturally colored diamond investor, these colors also represent some of the most sort after colors in the natural colored diamond world.

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Pink Diamonds Show Largest Growth of Colored Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/10/17 8:59 AM

Colored diamonds have been admired for their beauty and value for hundreds of years. Within the last few decades, many types of colored diamonds have been growing in value, but one hue of colored diamond has outpaced all others. Since 2005, pink diamonds have increased in value by an average of 15% per year.

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Small Pink Diamonds with Big Price Tags

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/9/16 8:05 AM

Pink diamonds are perhaps the most coveted of all the colored diamonds. They consistently bring in some of the highest price tags and draw the most attention at auction. There have been several notable sales of pink diamonds over the last decade, including The Sweet Josephine, The Graff Pink, and The Unique Pink. These diamonds all boast a weight of 15+ carats and each sold for $20 million or more. Yet, there are some smaller pink diamonds that have sold recently that are also notable both in their beauty and price tag. In this article, we will discuss the price of pink diamonds of these lesser known stones.


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Rio Tinto Selects New Partner for Colored Diamonds & Pink Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 11/15/16 8:00 AM

Rio Tinto is known as one of the world’s largest metal and mining companies. A British-Australian company, the mining giant is constantly in the forefront of industry news, from their Annual Pink Diamond Tender to major partnerships like the one that was announced earlier this quarter. 2016 marks the brand new partnership between Boodles and Rio Tinto. In September, Rio Tinto selected the UK luxury jeweler as a select atelier for the Argyle Pink Diamonds.

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The Most Expensive Pink Diamonds per Carat

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 10/12/16 8:05 AM

Arpege Diamonds brings you a colored diamond analysis reviewing the most expensive pink diamonds per carat every sold. We combed through auction records to compile a list of the priciest pink diamonds ever to cross the auction block. Read more about which five pink diamonds have achieved the highest price per carat during their most recent sales.

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Natural Pink Diamonds vs. Artificially Colored Pink Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 7/5/16 8:00 AM

With the vast amount of artificially colored pink diamonds replicating the highly coveted natural pink diamonds, it is important to know the difference between the two when making the decision to purchase. The differences between the two can greatly impact their value and their similarities can be deceiving. Before you make an investment, make sure you are familiar with these differences. 

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Pink Diamonds: The Stars of the Japanese Bridal Market

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 5/12/16 8:00 AM

Now more than ever fancy colored diamonds continue to be the top choice as alternative investments. For the past ten years these colorful stones have seen an increase in sales of nearly 142%, affirming that these unique pieces will continue to gain value over time. The preferred color by investors and collectors has been pink diamonds, due to their scarcity and the growth in demand driving an immense increase in prices.

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Pink Diamond Prices Expected to Soar at Upcoming Auction

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 5/10/16 8:00 AM

Natural pink diamonds have been the stars of many auctions in recent years. In 2016, pink diamonds are expected continue breaking records for price per carat.  Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale will be held in Geneva in May of 2016, showcasing an impressive variety of colored diamonds, amongst other jewels.

Image Source Sotheby's

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Rare Pink Diamond Found in Africa Sells For $10 Million

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/10/16 9:00 AM

An extremely rare and valuable pink diamond weighing 23.16 carats has been recovered by Petra Diamonds Limited from their Williamson mine in Tanzania, Africa and sold for US$10,050,000 million or US$433,938 per carat. Petra described the rough pink diamond as outstanding in color and clarity and its most significant recovery ever from Williamson. It sold at Petra’s December 2015 tender in Antwerp.

Image Source Independent

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Pink - The Uncommon Diamond Color

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 11/25/15 9:00 AM

Gem quality diamonds are rare, but among the rarest of all diamonds are pink diamonds. The principal supply of pink diamonds comes from one source, Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia. These gems are naturally desirable for some of the finest jewelry or as pure investment, and new uses for the stones unique composition – such as in Magnetic Resonance Imaging – are being discovered. Larger pink stones such as the Graff Pink or the Princie Diamond are often snapped up by private investors, prestige jewelry makers or investing consortiums and are removed quickly from the market.

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