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Two Mysterious Purple Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 5/31/16 8:00 AM

Diamonds come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. Colorless diamonds have long been the source of attention, being featured in everything from watches to engagement rings.  Many people are surprised to learn that colored diamonds can be far more valuable than their colorless counterparts. This value is due in part to the fact that less than 1% of all diamonds mined are colored. 


The history of many colored diamonds is long and at times, vague. Because of the immense value associated with the diamonds, there is a large amount of secrecy surrounding where rare colored diamonds come from, who buys them, and how much they sell for. The mystery of these colored diamonds only adds to their mystique. 

The Supreme Purple Star

The Supreme Purple Star is often classified as the king of all purple diamonds. This diamond, if looked at different from angles, can appear crimson or purple. It first appeared in 2002 in London, where an anonymous seller believed the diamond was just another ordinary gemstone. In fact, the details given on the stone by the seller at auction were very unusual. The only conclusion that did make sense was that the diamond contained two separate colors, purple and red, in the same stone, which had never been seen before.

The Supreme Purple Star Diamond exhibits a brilliant-cut and weighs between 2 to 5 carats, as the exact weight has never been revealed. To date, the country in which the diamond was found, the date of discovery, and the characteristics of the diamond remain a mystery. However, many experts in the field believe that the diamond originated from the Amazon at least 25 years ago. With all these rare features, the Supreme Purple Star is estimated to be worth $4 million  per carat, setting its value at somewhere between $8-20 million.

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond

The Royal Purple Heart Diamond is another famous purple diamond with a guarded history. It weighs 7.34 carat and is listed as Fancy Vivid Purple by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The perfect heart-shaped cut was crafted by the Julius Klein Diamond Corporation and brings out the brilliance of the natural purple colors in the stone. Weighing just over 7 carats, it is thought to be the largest purple stone ever discovered. Other colored diamonds have been found in ample amounts. 

The current owner of the Royal Purple Heart Diamond as well as how much the buyer paid at auction is unknown. The location where the diamond was mined is also a mystery, although a well known gemologist has stated that he believes the diamond originated in Russia. 

These beautiful diamonds are two examples of the splendor that purple diamonds can exhibit. When the value of these stones is considered, it is no wonder why the owners guard the details with such fervor. The unfortunate truth is that the true beauty of many of these colored diamonds is to be enjoyed by a select few, namely those who can afford to spend millions of dollars on a purchase. 

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