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Historical Review of Pink Diamond Auctions

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 9/27/16 8:02 AM

Arpege Diamonds is a seller of many types of colored diamonds, but none are more central to the brand than pink diamonds. Pink diamonds perfectly capture the beauty and luxury that colored diamonds have to offer. Not only do these stunning diamonds make wonderful additions to any jewelry collection, they also prove to be an amazing investment opportunity as their value grows year over year. In this article, we will discuss some notable sales for pink diamonds throughout the past 20+ years.


The 1990's

The Graff Pink Supreme is a 10.83 carat pink diamond that sold in 1993 for more than $6.4 million. The fancy vivid purple-pink diamond sold for approximately $591,000 per carat, which was a remarkable price for a colored diamond in the early 90’s.  This diamond should serve as a basis of comparison for the remainder of the pink diamonds that have been in auctioned in the more recent past.

The Mid 2000's

Two of the most coveted pink diamonds to ever be sold came to auction within just one year of each other, garnering huge attention and even bigger sales prices at auction. The Vivid Pink diamond weighed in at 5 carats when it came to auction in 2009. The fancy vivid cushion cut pink diamond sold for $10.78 million which breaks down to more than $2 million per carat. The clarity and color classification of this diamond make it one of the most expensive pink diamonds per carat ever sold at auction. The Perfect Pink was able to surpass this remarkable price per carat when it was auctioned in 2010. The 14.23 carat fancy intense pink diamond brought more than $46 million at auction, setting a record at more than $3.2 million per carat. What’s more remarkable, is that both of these diamonds were sold for these astronomical price tags during the height of the financial crisis.

The Last Five Years

The Pink Star diamond is one of the largest pink diamonds ever found and sold at auction. The mammoth 59.6 carat diamond had a recorded sales price of nearly $83.2 million in 2013. However, Isaac Wolf went on to default on his payment after winning the auction. The fancy vivid pink diamond ended up back in the hands of its previous owner. It seems likely that The Pink Star will end up back on the auction block in the near future.

The Sweet Josephine was purchased in 2015 by billionaire businessman Joseph Lau who added this to his incredible collection of colored diamonds. The 16.08 carat fancy vivid pink diamond sold for $28.5 million, bringing in nearly $1.8 million per carat. At the same auction, Lau purchased The Blue Moon diamond, a 12.03 carat blue diamond that he paid more than $48 million for.  

This Year

The Unique Pink sold in early 2016 for more than $2 million per carat. The 15.38 carat fancy vivid pink diamond sold for $31.6 million. The pear shaped pink diamond earned the third highest price per carat on this list.

Big Picture

Pink diamonds have shown a continual growth in value year over year. At the upper echelon, these pink diamonds see an average price per carat of $1.5 to $3 million per carat. Investors and collectors are taking notice of these increasing values, and as supply decreases with the upcoming closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine, the demand is sure to continue to drive up this price.

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