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Colored Diamonds Investment: Comparison To Gold

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/13/17 10:37 AM

In recent years, colored diamonds have become more and more popular. Not only are these stones beautiful, but they also provide immense value for investors. In fact, colored diamonds have not reported any major depreciation in over 37 years. 

Arpège Diamonds kicks off this series by comparing fancy colored diamonds to gold investments. In the upcoming weeks, be sure to look out for more in-depth comparisons between colored diamonds and other common investments.

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$71 Million! Record Breaking Pink Diamond Sale

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/11/17 10:30 AM

Records are meant to be broken, right? On April 4, 2017 that’s exactly what happened. This pink diamond became the most expensive stone ever sold.

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Green Diamonds - Everything You Want To Know (Part 2)

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/6/17 9:55 AM

In this, the second part of our two-part post dedicated to radiant green diamonds, we will explore some of history's most famous greens.  If you missed the first part of this series, you can access it here, we explore a variety of key attributes starting with how these stones get their majestic color along with how certain secondary color modifiers positively affect value

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Green Diamonds - Everything You Wanted To Know (Part 1)

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 4/4/17 9:53 AM

As opposed to pink, blue, and yellow diamonds that have been dominating auction blocks for the past 40 years, green diamonds have made relatively few appearances. While lack of supply is the main contributing factor, other factors such as “underestimation” may be at fault as well. In a two-part series, we'll share insight regarding some of history's most beautiful and significant green diamonds.

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The Pink Diamond That Could Shatter Auction Records

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/30/17 9:28 AM

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Spring Sale is finally here and will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center on April 4th. Over the years, we have seen Sotheby’s Hong Kong host a plethora of outstanding jewelry pieces, as well as breathtaking stones, and 2017 is definitely no exception.

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Recapping Key Colored Diamond News for March 2017

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/29/17 9:34 AM

March was filled with colored diamonds news from all across the world, including the discovery of new diamonds, diamond trends, and much more! Arpège Diamonds is pleased to present this month's colored diamonds news!

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Fancy Colored Diamonds: How Modifiers and Undertones Affect Price

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/23/17 9:49 AM

Whether you’re an investor, collector, or diamond enthusiast, you are well aware that the highest contributing factor for a colored diamond’s value is its hue. In this article we will be examining the difference between a color modifier and an undertone, and how the slightest distinction can have a significant effect on price.

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Fancy Colored Diamonds: Cutting Techniques From Around the World

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/21/17 9:51 AM

Throughout the years, cultural identities and traditions contributed to the emergence of unique stylistic preferences and patterns. In turn, these influences yielded distinctions in the way diamonds are polished and cut among different continents. Such characteristics are often subtle, and while they do not affect the stone’s overall value, they help investors, collectors, and enthusiasts (especially those seasoned enough to pick up on these nuances) gain a better understanding of their diamond’s history and cutting origin.

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The Dresden Green: The Most Historic Green Diamond

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/16/17 10:38 AM

Every holiday has a unique theme and coloring surrounding their festivities. Apart from their spiritual value, these celebratory events that come around once every year help us leave the routine of our everyday lives behind, and “feel the moment” with our loved ones.

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Recapping The 2017 Oscars - Who Was Wearing Colored Diamonds?

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 3/14/17 9:56 AM

The focus of this blog is typically related to Fancy Colored Diamonds. However, from time to time we will deviate to add something of topical interest.  After seeing the artistry and true magnificence of the pieces worn by nominees, models, and presenters, we could not help ourselves to compile a list with 9 of our favorite red carpet appearances.

As opposed to most critics, we will not be looking at the way these celebrities were dressed, conversely we will be taking a look at their jewelry.

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