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Three Famous Black Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/10/19 9:34 AM

In the diamond industry, there are two types of black diamonds. The first is called a natural fancy black diamond and the second is just referred to as a black diamond. Although they are both real diamonds, natural fancy black diamonds are found in the rough with their black coloring. The alternate black diamonds are treated with irradiation or heat in order for the diamond to appear darker in color. The value of natural fancy black diamonds far outpaces its engineered black diamond counterpart.

In this article we will be looking at:

  • The Spirit of Grisogono
  • The Gruosi Diamond
  • The Korloff Noir Diamond
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Topics: History, black diamonds

The 10 Most Expensive Diamonds from 2018

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/8/19 10:56 AM

2018 came and went, and while no diamond managed to break the record set by the Pink Star during 2017, there were plenty jaw dropping stones that managed to “wow” audiences and set headlines in the year that passed.

The Pink Legacy Diamond

The top diamonds sold during 2018 were:

  • A 50.47 Carat Colorless Diamond Ring, by Harry Winston
  • The Fancy Intense Blue Diamond Ring
  • The Farnese Blue Diamond
  • A 50.39 Carat Colorless Diamond Ring
  • A 51.71 Carat Colorless Diamond Ring
  • The Pink Diamond Heart Pendant
  • A 5 Carat Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond and Diamond Ring
  • The Bulgary Blue Diamond Ring
  • The Moussaieff Blue and Pink Diamond Necklace
  • The Pink Legacy Diamond


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Topics: Sotheby's, Christie's, colored diamonds, Alternative Investments

Need To Know: How To Invest In Fancy Colored Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 1/3/19 9:31 AM

Investments come in all types of forms. From real estate and stocks, to crude oil and gold. But did you know that another fast-growing form of investment is within the world of naturally colored diamonds?

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Topics: Alternative Investments, colored diamonds

The Best Colored Diamond News From 2018

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/27/18 3:25 PM

Arpège Diamonds strives to provide leading insight and to stay on top of the latest and best naturally colored diamond news. As the year comes to an end, let's take a look at the top colored diamond news; from record-breaking auctions to diamond companies using blockchain technology. Without further delay, here are the top stories of the year!


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Fancy Colored Diamonds: What Does Their Color Really Mean?

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/20/18 9:18 AM

We often see the terms Fancy Colored Diamonds (FCD) in auctions, on certificates, in articles, and in collections but what does this really mean?

In this article we will be exploring:

  • The 27 possible color variations for diamonds
  • How the most popular colored diamonds get their hue
  • How color intensity and hue affect value
  • The different kinds of Tones and Saturation
  • The true meaning of a Fancy Diamond
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8 Colored Diamonds Facts You Don't Want To Miss

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/18/18 9:08 AM

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But did you know they’re also an investor’s best friend? The limited supply and rarity of specific colors has caused record-breaking colored diamond sales. Here’s eight colored diamonds facts you should know. 

In this article we will learn:

  • How colored diamonds are graded
  • The types of certifications given by the GIA
  • How rarity affects value
  • The importance of diversifying your portfolio
  • How prices for these stones have been increasing during the past decade
  • The time and effort it takes to cut and polish colored diamonds
  • How these diamonds are constantly appreciating
  • The difference between treated and naturally colored diamonds
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Are Green Diamonds for Investing or Collecting?

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/13/18 10:48 AM

While green diamonds are exceptionally rare, they have often been outperformed by their red, blue, and pink counterparts, mainly because of color preference. This “underestimation” if you would, often led to green diamonds having fewer appearances in auctions, and were viewed as stones that mostly appealed to collectors rather than serious investors.

But how does that statement hold today? Are green diamonds still only sought after collectors and gem enthusiasts or are they starting to turn the heads of more serious investors?

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The 9 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Chameleon Diamonds Answered

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/11/18 10:52 AM

By now we all know that colored diamonds can come in all the colors of the spectrum, but... did you know that there is a diamond category that can change its color?


These stones are more famously known as chameleon diamonds, and in this article we will be answering the 9 most common questions regarding these beautiful and enigmatic stones.

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Topics: colored diamonds, chameleon diamonds, Alternative Investments

Top 5 Largest Diamonds In The World

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/6/18 9:36 AM

In late June 2018, the Lucapa Diamond Company reported a recovery of a massive yellow diamond from the Lesotho Mothae Diamond Project. While the discovery of such a large diamond is a truly magnificent (and rare) feat, it got us wondering… Out of all the diamonds found throughout history, which diamonds managed to tip the carat scale?

Image Source: NPR

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Topics: colorless diamonds, massive diamonds

Pink Diamonds - Year by Year Price Review

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 12/4/18 10:16 AM

Arpège Diamonds is a seller of many types of colored diamonds, but none are more central to the brand than pink diamonds. These stones perfectly capture the beauty and luxury that colored diamonds have to offer.

Not only do they make wonderful additions to any jewelry collection, they also prove to be an amazing investment opportunity as their demand and value have shown significant growth in the past 3 decades.

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