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Naturally Colored Diamond Facts: Yellow Diamonds

Posted by Tony Cathaway on 11/2/16 8:30 AM

Colored diamonds make up an extremely tiny fraction of all the diamonds found with approximately 1 out of 10,000 carats mined being colored. Values for colored diamonds can run into the millions, whether they be loose or mounted in jewelry. Of these colored diamonds, yellow is perhaps the most common form, also known as canary yellow or simply canary diamonds. Let’s dig into some facts about yellow diamonds.

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The term canary diamond refers to the pure yellow color of these diamond that have a strong shade (pure intense yellow diamonds). Although mostly everyone understands the term canary to mean yellow, the GIA refers to canary diamonds as a specific classification of Fancy Yellow. And just like any other diamond, yellow diamonds are seen in all shapes (princess cut, cushion cut, round, etc.), sizes (carats), and color intensities (fancy light yellow diamond, vivid yellow diamond, etc.)

Colored diamonds frequently contain more than one hue, taking on color classifications of both the primary and the secondary hues. For example, it’s common to find brownish yellow diamonds. Other combinations include orangish yellow diamonds, and greenish yellow diamonds, to name a few. Generally speaking, natural yellow diamonds with a second color are often worth less than pure natural yellow diamonds.

If you’re in the market to purchase a colored diamond, yellow diamonds may be a good choice as they are more affordable than other colored diamonds like blues and pinks. Just like all naturally colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are graded on their clarity, referring to the structural purity of the stone.

It is not uncommon for colored diamonds to have a bit of secrecy around them. Diamonds are a portable form of asset, which puts them in high demand. For this reason, many buyers like to remain anonymous to protect their investment from thieves who could be looking to make a quick buck.

Some of these yellow diamonds are particularly large, such as the Florentine Diamond. The Florentine Diamond is a 137.27-carat yellow diamond that has gone through several name changes over the year. It has also been owned by a line of royal heirs. Yet beyond this, not much is known although rumors suggest that the diamond is now 80 carats in size.

Other famous yellow naturally colored diamonds include the Incomparable Diamond, which was found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and weighed 890 carats before it was cut. The diamond was actually found by a young girl who was playing outsider her home!

Yellow diamonds are an amazing asset for whomever is fortunate enough to have one. Whether you are looking to invest in colored diamonds, or collect them for their beauty, yellow diamonds prove to be a highly desirable item. With no end in sight, expect to see the value of yellow diamonds continue to swell in the coming months and years.

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